From its beginning, HOPS has been developing capacities for research of socially marginalizes groups/communities, for the support of planning new activities and for representation. All research projects have been realized by HOPS and are on a wider or closer level, connected to social, health, legal and cultural aspects of the use of drugs and sex work, and follow the primary orientation of the organization. Striving to fill in the gap in social research regarding socially marginalized groups, HOPS has decided to mobilize its own research potential and put forth to the public all previously mentioned questions, with the hope that it will attract the attention of the professional public and students from social, humanistic, and medical sciences towards studying socially marginalized groups/communities. The increase in knowledge of socially marginalized groups/communities should enable the development of mechanisms for more effective social inclusion and creation of appropriate policies.

So far, the following researches have been realized:

  • 2012. Improving the quality of drug dependence treatment programs in Skopje, financed by the budget of the Republic of Macedonia.
  • 2011. Assessment of gender related issues to HIV/AIDS risk and the obstacles hindering equal access to appropriate services for prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.
  • 2010-2011. Knowledge, attitudes and practices related to tuberculosis among groups most susceptible to tuberculosis.
  • 2011. Improving the right to access to social and health services for drug using Roma.
  • 2010. Mapping and assessment of the conditions and possibilities for rehabilitation and re-socialization of drug dependent inmates from the Penitentiary Idrizovo.
  • 2008. Quick assessment and response to the needs and possibilities for improvement of needs and possibilities for carrying out activities for prevention and help when using drugs among high school youth in the City of Skopje.
  • 2006. Opioid overdose: prevalence, risk factors and interventions.
  • 2001-2003. Assessment of the risk behavior of drug injecting people and risk factors related to the use of drugs and HIV/AIDS and other BSTD in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • 2000. Assessment of the risk behavior of people using drugs among the Roma population in the Skopje suburb of Shuto Orizari.