Post-translational rotten youth no.2


So, you would say it must be entirely their fault for being too weak and slipping into addiction, while you belong to the tribe of “strong, rational, 9-4, no-bullshit” people?

But, are you sure that you want to point a judgmental finger at entire generations of confused, apathic, self-sabbotaging, ruined young people, many of whom just couldn’t stand being part of the rat race, many of whom simply never had anyone to teach them how to adapt to it; young people who pretty much inherited only one big, rusty fan and a huge pile of shit from the previous self-righteous generation?

Before you rush in to dismiss them as “scumbags who oughta be killed” because such a thing is strictly a private problem that only happens to lazy, stupid, unambitious people and could never happen to you or your close ones, just take one closer look at the illusion of control and comfort that you’re helping maintain, day in, day out, until your name gets engraved onto a tombstone, above the epitaph “A well-behaved citizen who never rocked the boat as he/she sailed the ocean of self-interest”.

/Shot at “La Luna”, a popular night club during the time when this industrial city was enjoying economic prosperity; today the place is in ruins and serves as a local hotspot for junkies and vagabonds.

Zmaj Poemography

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