Our recommendations – The Stoned Philosopher, by C. Alan Taylor



The Stoned Philosopher, by C. Alan Taylor

Based on a true story, the book offers an introspection into the life of an opioid user not at home with conventional treatments. The book is an efficient addition to any addiction treatment programme. The author’s experiences are presented as never before, offering new hope to the reader. It is a good recommendation for everyone interested in therapy, buprenorphine treatment, substance abuse treatment, alchemy and much more. It is an essential source of information for family members of people who use drugs, as well as people in prison or facing imprisonment. Furthermore, it is a must-read for people involved with harm reduction, people who would like to find out more about the inner state of addict/inmate/ex-con mind. In this book, the author puts you in the front passenger seat and takes you for a ride to hell and back.

Prepared by: Irena Jovanovska

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