Working closely with the media, NGOs and the government sector, as well as with international agencies, HOPS has become a member and collaborator in several initiatives at local, national, regional and international levels by becoming:

  • Member and Head of the area for reducing the harms from drug use at the Coordinating Body for Drugs of the City of Skopje;
  • Founder of the Local Expert Center for Drugs of the City of Skopje;
  • One of the founders of the Coalition for Drug Harm Reduction for Southeast Europe and organizer of the First Harm Reduction Conference for Southeast Europe held in Skopje on December 10, 1999;
  • Founder of the Macedonian Harm Reduction Network;
  • Founder of the Coalition “Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities”;
  • Member of the National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) since its establishment in 2003;
  • Member of the Network for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination since 2010