Everything Under Control???

1 You’re going to the doctor to tell him you wont to be tested for Hepatitis C. On the way, you see your dealer. What do you do?
A You score a hit right away. Forget about the doctor.
B You score a hit first, than make your way to the doctor.
C You go to the doctor first, than score a hit to reward yourself.
2 Recently, you’ve been hitting the coke pretty hard and have forgotten to eat. Your pants are sliding off your behind. What do you do?
You find a new pair of pants – you don’t want to look like a fool.
B Before using, you get some fuel in you while you’re still hungry. Once you’re smoking, you forget everything.
C While scoring a hit, you eat a chocolate bar to maintain your weight.
3 You’re going to score, but not before you:
A Get all your money together and put it in your pocket.
B Leave some of your money at home so that you can’t spend it all.
C Give yourself a good talking to, eat something and buy a bus and tram card.

4 You’ve gotten your hands on a good-sized hit. What do you do?
A You put the whole thing in the pipe at once and smoke it as fast as you can.
B You cut the ball in two, smoke your pipe in the users’ area and enjoy it to the fullest. You save the other half to smoke at home, so you can enjoy it later.
C You feel the hit burning a hole in your pocket but look for a safe and peaceful place so you can enioy it thoroughly.
5 Freebasing is fun as long as you have the cash. You know all about that. To cushion the crash, what do you do?
A You get some hash ahead of time and smoke it after your last hit. Then you accept the fact that everything’s gone.
B You swallow a handful of pills that your dealer palmed off on you.
C You go to the convenience store and buy four pints of beer.
6 You’re going to visit your mom on her birthday. Before leaving, what do you do?
A Take all your drugs at once. At your mom’s place, there’s always bullshit to deal with, so you can use something to make you numb.
B You smoke a little dope at home. But you don’t want to be stoned out of your mind, that wouldn’t be any fun for anyone. So you use in moderation.
C You don’t go out of your way for your mother. You’re not all that stoned and not all that drunk.

7 Your money’s gone but you stlll have a real craving. What do you do?
A You steal something. You just can’t take it anymore.
B You try to make money by coming up with a sob story at the local supermarket.
C You know it sucks. But you’re no wimp, so you hang in there and wait until it’s over.
8 The time between one hit and the next:
A ls as brief as possible.
B ls determined by the quality of the coke.
C ls around half an hour. Then you can really enioy the next hit.
9 You just scored. What do you do?
You go use in a place where you feel good and it’s nice and peaceful.
B You start freebasing, smoking or shooting right away.
You go freebase where the police cameras can’t see you.
10 You’re sick of using. lt costs too much in all senses, so:
A You get clean for the rest of your life.
B You move. Then everything will be all right.
C You decrease the number of days that you use in a row.
Less than 18 points – Beginner
You still have to discover more about getting a hold on your drug use. You have good intention, but practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged by your score. Work as it and try taking the test again in a couple of weeks.
18 to 24 points – Advanced
You’re on the right track. Sometimes you really succeed at being the boss on drugs, other times not so much. Spend some time thinking about when you lose control so you can gain the upper hand on your use. You have it in you, so keep at it!
24 to 30 points – Master
You’re very much in control of your drug use, and you know what you’re doing. Keep it up and share what you know with your friends. Others can learn from you, so be proud of yourself.
Jasperine Schupp & Jeannot Schmidt
Taken from:
Mainline, Issue 3, 2008

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