Eleventh issue of Drugs – Politics and Practices


Drugs – Policies and practices 

Issue topic – Safe Injecting Rooms


Introduction: On the right track

Implementing Different Harm Reduction Policies in the Republic of Macedonia – Safe Drug Use Facilities

Such spaces managed under experts’ supervision will significantly reduce overdose risks and will make possible a more appropriate treatment of drug users in the sense of health and social treatment. Author:Janaki Mitrovski

In a way it’s really not complicated

We met Sarah Evans as an exceptional, activist-driven individual spreading positive energy and inspiring people from her surroundings to work more actively and enthusiastically on the advancement of society. Sarah is a senior program officer with the Open Society Public Health Program in New York, USA. She is in charge of advancement of the health and rights of marginalized people who use drugs throughout the world. Previously, she worked on development of the harm reduction programs in British Columbia, Canada. However, the reason for our conversation was her experience with the opening of the first legal supervised drug injection facility in North America. We had the interview on 7 February, 2013, during her visit to Macedonia and we share it further bellow, convinced that it is high time to open the discussion on safe injection facilities in our country as well. Interviewed by Vanja Dimitrevski

Sister Space

Although very distant, SisterSpace’s example is an excellent one. Other than women feeling secure, changing their habits, and feeling accepted, some of them feel motivated and join drug addiction treatment programs. Author: Irena Jovanovska

Let’s Safe Lives

Consequently, a person who uses drugs, apart from an injection room can also receive the services of a social worker, food, clothing, treatment motivation, employment etc. Author: Vlatko Dekov

Drug Use Risk Self-assessment Test

With this new method of risk assessment, as well as the online consulting tools, one can avoid the stigma and discrimination which are, I would dare say, in my opinion the main reasons for seeking help in the case of substance use on a late stage. Author: Ljiljana Ignjatova

The necessity of legalizing cannabis in Macedonia 

…the implementation process of liberal cannabis policies has already begun globally. The legal regulation of cannabis use for medical and scientific purposes places Macedonia in a relatively good position. We now have to decide which model would help us achieve a better position on the global market and allow us to capitalize from it. Author: Filip Sekuloski

Global Drug Survey – the 2018 Results

The Global Drug Survey is an independent research association in London, United Kingdom, aiming at safer drugs use, regardless of the legal status drugs have, by way of sharing information with individuals, communities, health organizations and policy-making organizations.  Author: Vanja Dimitrievski


Edited by Irena Jovanovska.


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