Call for Articles for 16th issue of the Drugs – Policies and Practices magazine


HOPS – Healthy Options Project Skopje’s Center for Education, Documentation and Research and Coalition “Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities” announce the call for articles for 16th issue of the Drugs – Policies and Practices magazine.

The main topic for the 16th issue of the magazine is Drugs in Macedonia.. Despite the main topic, we welcome all other articles related to afore mentioned topics.

Deadline for this call is October 05, 2020. Editorial Board will do the selection of received articles and other materials. Selection criteria are:

  • Expertise (knowledge and experience for described topics)
  • Creativity
  • Cutting-edge
  • Due performance

Drugs – Policies and Practices promotes topics about drugs, drug use, drug treatment, and other related topics, such as: sex work and drugs, HIV/AIDS and drugs, Hepatitis B and C and drugs, Tuberculosis and drugs, rights of the marginalized groups/communities, gender perspectives, free access to public information, researches, policies, advocacy, civil society, activism, social work, social policy, health, through the drugs perspectives.

Drugs – Policies and Practices target audience are people who use drugs, people on drug addiction treatment, experts for drug use and drug treatment issues and all for people with interest for these topics. It is published online both in Macedonian and in English.

Drugs – Policies and Practices accept articles, translated articles, news, promotions, columns/essays, pictures with socially enlightening content, campaigns related to D-PP topics. It is space for affirmation of personal opinions and opinions of institutions and organizations that work on such issues. If you have an opinion to declare, news to announce and to boost your campaign, please, contact Ana Ashtalkovska Gajtanoska,

For more information, please, contact Ana Ashtalkovska Gajtanoska,

For more information about text formatting, please, read the Guidelines for Authors.

The previous issues of Drugs – Policies and Practices are available at: and

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