Hepatitis - Think Again!

On 28 August, millions of people around the world took part in this year's campaign for the World Hepatitis Day which was held under the motto "Hepatitis: Think Again", in order to raise awareness of viral hepatitis and urge actions of governments and institutions responsible for improving access to treatment and prevention programs for Hepatitis C. 
As part of the campaign, watch the video from the first day of the conference organized by Healthy Options Project Skopje (from 14th to 16th March, 2014), entitled "Access to treatment for hepatitis C in drug users in the country - good practices and challenges". The focus of the discussions at the conference also encompassed issues of monitoring data related to Hepatitis C prevalence, screening for better insight into the prevalence, data on the number of people in treatment for hepatitis C, as well as about the failures to report incidence of hepatitis C in the country.