Students from the Netherlands, have visited HOPS

On May 23, 2017 hops had the honor to receive thirty-eight students from the Netherlands who are on a study tour in Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo. 

The students of anthropology at the University of Leiden, Netherlands previously expressed their desire to learn about the mission of HOPS.

It was a honor to invite them into our organization and to introduce them a little more about our work, as well to exchange knowledge and experiences with them.

As they said, they were really amazed by the work of the HOPS and the services offered to sex workers and people who use drugs. 

"I really like what you are doing. You do really great work here, "said one student, and her colleague added.  „What I especially like is that you do not judgmental attitude towards people you 're helping, Because, you know, people usually set judgmental toward those who use drugs and those dealing in sex work. "

Of the other topics, visitors were particularly interested in policies for drugs and sex work in Macedonia, but also for legislation on cannabis for medical use.