Sixth issue of Drugs - Policies and Practices

Drugs - Policies and practices 

Issue Topic - Why is education important?



I Also Have the Right to Treatment and Humane Attitude

Due to the lack of treatment programs, four of the children HOPS’s team had encountered during outreach work passed away as a result of drug use. In addition, HOPS documented 3 cases of children who use drugs, while in some of these cases we undertook specific actions to provide access to treatment, which at the end was not received. Author: Voskre Naumoska - Ilieva

Youth Organization for Drug Action

Youth Organization for Drug Action is a network of organisations and individuals set up in 2011 to meet the needs of young activists and professionals who have been disenfranchised when it comes to determining drug policy, but who are amongst those most affected by drugs and the drug laws. Interview: Jan Stola  

Guide for Treatment and Care of Children Who Use Drugs

The Guide is intended, above all, for professionals included in treatment and care of children who use drugs but also aims to give directions in policy creation regarding treatment and care of this group, hence can be used by decision-makers as well. Author: Vlatko Dekov

Support for children who use drugs

Most of the children our outreach team contacts are children from the streets. This is because these are the children that we detect as we see them every day on the city streets begging. I have noticed that they are afraid of professional staff, of institutions and the police, and as painful as it is, from social workers as well. Author: Ivana Shalevska

Counselling Centre for Prevention of Drug Use and Use of Other Psychoactive Substances among High School Students in Skopje

The Counselling Centre for prevention of drug use and use of other psychoactive substances among high school students in Skopje started work in September 2012. It is only part of the efforts to prevent drug use and use of other psychoactive substances among high school students in Skopje, supported by the City of Skopje and implemented by HERA - Health Education and Research Association. The activities are included in the Local Drugs Strategy of the City of Skopje. Author: Liljana Ignjatova

Most Often Used Psychostimulants

Some of these psychoactive substances can be found in some plants in nature, while with the development of pharmacology towards the end of the 19th century, particularly in the 20th century, new substances were discovered that simulate the CNS. Arguably, some are legally available for sale and used popularly throughout the world, while others are controlled and prohibited (illegal) substances or prescribed by a doctor. Author: Davor Svilanov

On the Terms “Narcomaniac/Narcomania” or on the Linguistic Construction of Undesired Reality

The negative connotation of the terms “narcomaniac,” and “narcomania” etc. develops into a linguistic repertoire which, according to the principle of George W. Grace’s “shared ontology”, reproduces and supports the agreement of the negative attitude the general community has towards people who use drugs. According to George Grace, through shared ontology every day we create and reproduce the reality we do not desire, i.e. we conceptualize it with the words we use. Author: Vanja Dimitrievski

The Children Meet the Magician

This is a story of a magician’s triumph to bring happiness into children’s hearts! Of course, if this was a film you would have read the caption “this is a true story” at the beginning. And so, this is a story of children’s joy! Author: Eleonora Chichevska

Ten Year Anniversary of the civil society organization Option from Ohrid

On 8.10.2015, in the conference hall of the Municipality of Ohrid, the civil society organization Option from Ohrid held a meeting with the local decision-makers, a meeting also attended by almost all invited state partner institutions and civil society organizations. It should be noted that on this same day Option celebrated its 10th year anniversary doing active work and implementation of the project “Sustaining low HIV Prevalence in Macedonia” on the territory of Ohrid and Struga, celebrated with a small cocktail party and broadcasted by the media. On this day we decided to reflect on our achievements and we were truly proud. Author: Juliana Nastoska

Events: "Harm Reduction Conference"


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