Services for sex workers

The sex workers support program (CSW) in HOPS – Healthy options project Skopje, is intended for all sex workers (male, female or transgender) and their families. It consists of services directed towards improving the overall condition of sex workers in Macedonia. In a friendly atmosphere, without judging, you can get these services in HOPS:

Services for the prevention from HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections 

You need condoms, lubricants and information about how to protect yourself? 

The regular use of condoms can protect you from an HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. Regardless whether you are having sex with your boyfriend/husband or a customer, a condom can protect you from diseases, and from undesired pregnancy.

If you are a sex worker and need some free condoms and lubricants, visit our Day center for CSW support every working day from 13 to 17 and ask for the outreach teams. терен 

Want to check yourself for HIV/AIDS?

Test yourself regularly and keep yourself informed about everything you are interested about concerning HIV/АIDS. In HOPS you can take a free HIV/AIDS test without anybody asking for your name. You will get a result in 10 minutes and only you and your counselor will know it. Learn more about where and when you can test yourself on 02/2630-499.

Social services 

You have no ID card or any other personal document?

The ID card is a document you should carry with you at all times, to prevent being punished by the police, and with it you can also achieve your rights, such as  health insurance, social welfare etc. If you have such or similar problem, ask social workers in HOPS, and they will help you get all the documents you need to achieve your rights with them. Ask for a social worker in the outreach periods or at the Day center for SW support on Tuesdays or Fridays on the phone 02/2630-499.

Gynecological services

You hurt in your lower belly, you bleed, have a white secretion or an unpleasant itch?

Don’t wait! Call now on 02/2630-499 and ask one of the social workers to schedule a free of charge gynecological exam at the doctor who works with HOPS. 

And don’t forget to visit the gynecologist regularly, at least twice a year. Then you will protect yourself from STIs easier.

Want to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy?

Schedule a gynecological exam and have a free of charge spiral put it, which will protect you from pregnancy.

Legal counseling

Having problems with the police? Somebody is abusing or beating you? You have  a lawsuit or some problem with the state?

every Monday and Thursday at the Day center for support of SWs you can get free legal counsel from our lawyers, who will help you achieve your rights. 

Psychological services

You will restless and anxious? You have some internal restlessness that is causing you difficulties in your daily life?

There’s a psychologist in HOPS for you. You can get her at the Day center for SW support on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to talk to her about your problems without anybody knowing. Ask for help and free psychotherapy which will help you feel better.

Pedagogical services 

Do you have a child who has difficulty at school, or is not even attending school? You don’t know how to behave towards your child? You know a sex worker who can’t read or write?

At disposal you have the HOPS pedagogue располагање you can find at the phone number 02/2630-499 or every Wednesday for work with sex workers at the Day center for SW support, and every Tuesday around noon during our visiting children hours in your home. 

Services at the Day center for SW support 

You want to contact more of your colleagues with whom you’d be able to exchange information about your job? You want to watch some TV or an educational movie? To cook something and share it with others? To pick up some free condoms and lubricants? Do you use drugs and you need clean injecting equipment? You want to participate in educational workshops? You need to do the laundry and use a clothes dryer? you want to shower and freshen up? You need clothes and hygiene materials?

All of this is available at the Day center for SW support. Don’t forget your are welcome every working days from 13 to 18 o’clock. Call and learn more on 02/2630-499.

Outreach schedule:

Our team can be found on the open scene or the MTV building premises every evening on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The team is available in Shuto Orizari Tuesdays night.

In Topaana we are outreaching every Friday around noon.