Services for drug users

The harm reduction program is intended for drug users, persons who inject drugs and their families. Our centers provide a friendly atmosphere without moralizing or judging and you need no documents to come to us. 
Services for prevention of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C and other BSTDs 
Sterile injecting equipment – needles and syringes in all sizes, equipment for preparation – a cooker, cotton, aqua, alcohol napkins. 
Using sterile injecting and preparation equipment will help you protect yourself from HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C and other blood transmitted infections.
Always use new equipment, and you can get equipment, condoms, lubricants and brochures for free at the:
Drop-in Centre in Kisela Voda, Monday to Friday, from 10- to 14 o’clock, phone 02/3130-058.
Drop-in Centre in Kapishtec,- ClOSED.
Drop-in Centre in Shuto Orizari, Monday, Wensday and Friday, from 10 to 14 o’clock, phone 076/631-635
If you can’t come to our centers, call our outreach team on 075/769-948. 

Want to test yourself for HIV/AIDS? Do you know how it’s transmitted? Can you protect yourself? 
Call HOPS and make an appointment! Testing is anonymous and confidential, no names, and only you and your counselor will know the result!
Services for basic medical treatment from long-term and improper injecting
Do you have injecting wounds, have you out-ed? Do you want to know why it’s tricky to inject methadone with an ampoule?
Our medical team is at your disposal for counseling, information and basic medical aid, and you don’t need a medical booklet. Visit us any day in our centers or find our outreach team.
Psychiatric services 
You want to go on rehab? Methadone, buprenorphine or „cold turkey“? Talk to our psychiatrist to help you decide on the best therapy for you. Schedule a session on 02/3130-058 and 02/3176-428.
Social services
You don’t have an ID? Or a medical booklet? Where can you get one? 
Talk to our social workers in our centers or find our outreach team, and you will get information about issuing personal documents, getting health insurance, social support, connecting to institutions and organizations, counseling.
Legal services 
Undercover policemen almost beat you to death? A physician won’t check you up only because you are a user?
You have the same rights as anybody else! Ask for help from a legal adviser in our centers or in our outreach team.


Drop-in center services 

 How do you prevent ODs? How do you maintain your veins? What’s thrombosis? How can you protect yourself from Hepatitis C? 

In our centers you can inform and educate yourself for safe injecting and safe sex, keeping yourself healthy, blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections, human rights, educations about everything to do with drugs, tuberculosis...

Creative workshop
You have some spare time and want to do something? Come over to your creative workshops on Mondays and Wednesdays at the drop-in centre in Kapishtec, from 10 to 14!
Daily center for re-socialization and rehabilitation of drug users and their families
Services from a psychologist and psychiatrist 
Abstaining? You are on treatment and have some spare time? Want to talk to somebody about your dilemmas? Feeling restless or anxious? 
Call 5112-684 and schedule a counseling session with our psychologist or psychiatrist.
Pedagogue services 
Do you have a child with learning difficulties or one who does not attend school at all, regardless of the reason? You don’t know what do with her or him? You know a user who can’t read or write?
Call 5112-684 and schedule a session with our pedagogue!
Creative workshop
You have some spare time on your hands and want to do something? 
You can attend our creative workshops on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 to 14!