The right to treatment of hepatitis C in Macedonia - privilege or ...

Providing treatment for hepatitis C is a challenge faced by many countries and the issues related to providing access to it is constantly debated.
In Macedonia, currently the treatment for HCV costs between 8,000 and 15,000 euros, a price that most in this country simply can not afford, and the Health Insurance Fund covers costs only for a small number of patients.
At the conference held in March this year, non-governmental organizations working on improvment of access to health services and patients' rights, sent a message to the relevant institutions in the country, that the current prices of medicines for hepatitis C are unreasonable and that the right to health is a fundamental human right.
For more information, see the video from the third day of the conference "Access to treatment for hepatitis C drug users in the country - good practices and challenges" (Ohrid - March 2014).