10th Issue of Drugs - Policies and Practices


Drugs - Policies and Practices 

„Issue topic - Drugs Integral to Culture"


Drugs Integral to Culture

Culture is a drug

The mutual connection between culture (in its broadest sense) and dope, (a popular English term for drugs) was known even to primitive people. Nature around us has always abandoned in substances with the potential to change our consciousness. It was up to us to reach for a flower (plant) and discover its effects. Author: Mirko Popov

“Play Safe”, a word with Edie Einbinder

In March 2017, HOPS - Healthy Options Project Skopje had the pleasure to host the projection of the documentary “Play Safe,” followed by a discussion on harm reduction, led by the director, Edie Einbinder. Einbinder is also the author of the book “How to Have Fun and Not Die.”

In 2008, Edie began presenting strategies on harm reduction and overdose prevention in more than 200 institutions and conferences throughout the world. He gives lectures in prominent universities, high schools, homeless people and youth clinics. The interview was conducted by irena Jovanovska   

The So-Called Psychedelic Renaissance

The once again current scientific research on classic PAS, as well as the growing media presence throughout the world, has created the opportunity for changing past prohibitive policies on drug research and its medical potential.  Author: Davor Smilanov

Modern cannabis culture of Amsterdam and the birth of coffeeshops

Soon politicians and lawyers stood up for decriminalization, even complete legalization of cannabis. Cannabis users acquired the characteristics of a specific sub-culture. Author: Irena Jovanovska

Rakia and shopska

You don’t have to go too far. The pub around the corner is already full and it’s not even 10 p.m. You fight your way to a spot at the bar and order a beer. Author: Vanja Dimitrievski

Arthur Heffter, Albert Hofmann, Alexander Shulgin, Terence McKenna

Prepared by: Davor Smilanov

Decriminalization Now

Instead of prompting serious actions towards dealing with the issue, state authorities resort to punitive politics in a failed attempt to target the problem. Author: Janaki Mitrovski

Apology for “Narcomania”

In a conservative society such as ours, I associate narcomania (drug use) with a progressive action of disobedience expressed towards the current value system and legal-legislative normative. Furthermore, it is a resistance towards all archetypes of domination, threatening us from our very steps but also disciplining us regarding all perspectives not supported by the dominants. Author: Mariglen Demiri  

ANA VERNOVA (from the poetry book “The Seal of the Truth”)
Author: Igor Pop Trajkov

Our recommendations: The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda; „The Doors“, directed by Oliver Stone

Prepared by Irena Jovanovska 

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